Livestock Feed Rations

Livestock Feed Rations are Integral to Making Champions at Home 

Livestock Feed Rations Ask anyone who shows livestock what the hardest part is to get one ready, and the answers will likely vary. Some might say breaking an animal to lead or drive. Others might say working hair and skin. Yet other livestock exhibitors will tell you that having one dialed in on show day […]

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show animals

How to Care for Your Show Animals 

Show Animals Showing livestock is a fun and exciting way to raise your family, teach young people responsibility, and, most of all, make lasting memories with family and friends. Regardless of which species you show, animals require a lot of effort to maximize their genetic potential. You want to make sure they look their best […]

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chaynee tennant

Junior Spotlight: Hunter Shike & Chaynee Tennant

This month we’re shining our spotlight on two exhibitors who excelled at their respective state fairs showing smaller species. Those athletes are, of course, Hunter Shike and Chaynee Tennant! These athletes excel both in their respective sports and in the show ring.   Hunter Shike, Sadorus, Illinois, showed the Grand Champion Market Barrow at the Illinois […]

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Junior Spotlight: Rylee Short & Jaci Falkenstien

February is the month of love, and we LOVE these two showmen! Rylee Short from Masonville, Iowa and Jaci Falkenstien from Barlett, Kansas are our Sure Champ Junior Spotlight for the month of February!  Rylee is no stranger to the show ring. With her parent’s extensive background in the Maine-Anjou, Chianina and Shorthorn breeds, it […]

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Five Jackpot Show Essentials to Keep Livestock on Feed and Water

Winter and spring are exciting times of the year for livestock exhibitors across the country. It’s time to break out the new show prospects and hit the road to jackpot shows. Don’t let those hours of hard work and days of preparation at home all be for nothing. The combination of hauling, changes in environment […]

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Mark That Card – Ewe Lambs

Placing: 3-4-1-2Cuts: 4-2-3 I like the ewe lambs 3412. There’s an awfully good one to win in 3, and I think it all starts with her skeletal build. She’s so stout structured and correct on her feet and legs, her spine is perfectly level, and she puts together all of the fundamentals of a good […]

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