Junior Spotlight: Hunter Shike & Chaynee Tennant

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This month we’re shining our spotlight on two exhibitors who excelled at their respective state fairs showing smaller species. Those athletes are, of course, Hunter Shike and Chaynee Tennant! These athletes excel both in their respective sports and in the show ring.  

Hunter Shike, Sadorus, Illinois, showed the Grand Champion Market Barrow at the Illinois State Fair – a Spot Barrow. Outside of the barn, he is involved in 4-H and FFA. He plays football, but wrestling is his favorite sport.  

Chaynee Tennant hails from North Manchester, Indiana. She had an incredible Indiana State Fair, claiming both the Grand Champion Market Goat and the Reserve Grand Champion Lamb banners. In high school, she was involved in FFA, golf, basketball and volleyball. Basketball was her favorite activity when she wasn’t working with her lambs, and she played since she was 6 years old. 

Meet Hunter Shike and Chaynee Tennant! 

Let’s learn a little more about Hunter and Chaynee and how they #PreptoWin. 

Tell us about yourself. 

HS: My name is Hunter Shike. I am 15 and a Sophomore at Unity High School. My parents are Dan and Jennifer Shike. I started showing when I was 4 years old at Team Purebred and Illinois Club Pig Association shows.  
CT: Hello, my name is Chaynee Tennant. I’m currently 19 years old! My parents are Brad and Kim Tennant. I’m a freshman at Huntington University. 

I’m majoring in agriculture business with a minor in small business management to start my own floral business. When I first started showing I was 5 years old and had no idea I would continue showing for 14 years! 

What species/breeds do you show?  

HS: I show pigs (mostly Duroc, Spot and cross) and meat goats.  

CT: My favorite species to show is sheep, but with this being my last year of 4-H eligibility, I decided to take the plunge and show goats. I mostly show crossbreds, Hamps, naturals and white face crosses!   

Which Sure Champ® and Vita Charge® product do you use?  

HS: We use Vita Charge Liquid Boost. We also use Sure Champ Extreme with ClariFly®.  

CT: I use the Vita Charge Gel. I give a dose to every sheep after the show.  

What are the biggest benefits you have seen using our products?  

HS: We use Vita Charge Liquid Boost before we go to a show and while we are at the show because it helps with stress and recovery. Not only does it help keep our pigs on feed, but it also keeps them drinking so they can stay hydrated during times of stress and hauling. 

We also use Sure Champ Extreme because it helps mitigate heat stress and helps improve hoof, hair and gut health. We also like how the ClariFly in it helps keep flies down in the barn. 

The fact that it helps with all of those things in one supplement makes it an important part of our feeding strategy.  

CT: Our sheep stay on feed and don’t go backward. 

What is your favorite show and why? 

HS: Illinois State Fair because I like hanging out with all my friends who show other species, too. It’s a lot of work, but it’s fun to have livestock in different barns. 

CT: That’s a toss-up… it’s between the Indiana State Fair and NAILE. The Indiana State Fair will always hold a special place in my heart. That feeling of walking onto the dirt in front of all your friends and family in the Pepsi Coliseum is something I will never forget. 

All the goosebumps and chills are out of this world, it’s a goal that every Indiana 4-Her needs to set! NAILE is my favorite because I get to see all my favorite people and friends from across the country in one weekend. 

We are all doing what we love, and that’s showing quality livestock together.  

What is your favorite pre-show ritual?  

HS: I take a look at the ring and envision the path I want to take my pigs on so I can show my pig’s best views to the judge.  

CT: I would have to say my favorite pre-show ritual would be getting pumped up for the day ahead! You only get so many chances in the show ring so make every chance you have count. 

What are your plans for the future? 

HS: I’d like to judge livestock in college – starting out at a junior college and then going on to a four-year university. Then, I’d like to find a career in agriculture someday. 

CT: I plan to attend Huntington University to study agriculture business and a minor in small business management. I hope to one day start my own business called Petal Lane Floral Design since I love working with flowers. 

When people don’t always have a good day it’s nice to hand them a flower arrangement and see their face light up with joy. Make that bad day turn into a great day! 

Who is your biggest role model and why?  

HS: My biggest role model is my dad. He’s taught me everything I know about my livestock projects. He’s helped me learn how to feed my animals to their max potential. 

CT: There are so many people that have been so influential in my life and my 4-H career, I can’t list just one. 

Every one of them has held a piece in my success. Pushing me a little harder, showmanship lessons, helping me just be me, traveling to shows, finding my set of sheep, finding my goats, helping dad with feeding, fixing meals while at shows. Or just being there because you have truly enjoyed being with me during this chapter of my life! 

I look up to each and every one of these people because they took time to teach me and mentor me to be successful in my dreams. My dad and mom, Collin and Bailey, Kylar, Allison and Alex, John Allen and Parker Saum. 

What is your favorite/greatest accomplishment? 

HS: There’s no question that winning the Illinois State Fair with my Spot barrow has been my greatest accomplishment to date.  

CT: My biggest dream…may have come true 3 weeks ago in Indianapolis. Having two animals to walk on the dirt at the “Greatest Show on Dirt.” Winning the Grand Champion Market Goat and the Reserve Grand Champion Lamb honors was definitely a dream for myself and my family.  

Of course, a big dream would be to win a major livestock show anywhere!   

Did you have any special or major achievements from this summer that stand out? 

HS: In addition to wining the state fair (that’s hard to top), it was pretty neat to win a buckle in the Intermediate Sweepstakes Contest at the National Junior Summer Spectacular. My Spot barrow was also Reserve Champion Spot at NJSS, too.   

CT: I would have to say this summer has been nothing but memories! While this is my final year of 4-H we knew we would have a couple barn favorites and that we did. When we first picked Petey up he was pretty special. 

I have had a lot of unique sheep but nothing like Petey. He has only been out three times, and he was Grand two out of the three. To say he had a good run would be an understatement!   

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