How to Effectively Control Flies Around Your Livestock

It doesn’t matter which species of livestock you show, it seems like the smallest creatures can be the biggest nuisance. Yes, those pesky flies like to invade our barns, bite at our animals and can carry diseases. With proper prevention including good nutrition, you can inhibit those little pests from invading your space.

Flies breed and thrive in manure, so keeping your barns or outside pens as clean as possible is the first step to fly control. If you tie your cattle in, make sure you clean their stalls regularly. For smaller species like pigs, sheep and goats, be sure to pick the pens throughout the day to keep fresh waste away from the animals. The closer the animal feces and urine is to the animals, the closer the flies will be. Haul the waste, including any wet bedding out of the barn so flies don’t have a breeding ground in the same area your animals are housed in.

Spray your premises. Depending on your location and the humidity in the air, you might want to spray an insecticide around your premises to keep flies and other insects from making themselves at home. If you have the means, and flies are big problem, consider investing in a fly control system that mists insecticide throughout the barn on a timed system. These will eliminate flies and are common in pig and horse barns.

Use a livestock spray. There are a variety of livestock sprays available on market that are safe and effective to use with a variety of animals. Be sure to read and follow the label directions and use accordingly.

Finally, did you know you can help control flies in your cattle, sheep and goats while you feed your animals? The new Sure Champ® Extreme with Climate Control is a pelleted, daily supplement with the Amaferm® advantage to promote appetite and digestive health. Extreme includes ingredients designed to help support animals during extreme temperatures and support hoof and coat care. And, it also contains garlic, to deter insects. By feeding Extreme, you should see fewer flies landing on and biting your animals, all while keeping their digestive system healthy.

If you have livestock, you’re going to have flies. And unfortunately, there is no one way to eliminate every one of them. But using some precautionary measures mentioned above will help control the flies around your barn and on your animals, keeping your animals healthier and happier.

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