Keeping Your Sows Healthy with Amaferm


By Jason Lackey, Sure Champ Swine Specialist

In any livestock production business, the ultimate goal is for our females to produce progeny that are high quality, efficient, and will help contribute to the bottom line. Although much time is spent evaluating the genetic merit of these females and what their impact will be from that standpoint, the key to their contribution will always be health.

A good vaccination protocol and basic understanding of how your sows need to perform during all phases of their life can make a huge impact on the bottom line of any business. A healthy sow will inevitably have a better appetite, more energy, will milk heavier, wean heavier litters, and be less likely to spread sickness on to her litter. We must do all we can to ensure that our sows have every advantage to stay healthy in order for our operations to function more efficiently and maintain profitability.

This time of year, most hog producers are worried about one area of their operation; getting sows bred, and wishing for the best of luck in getting them to conceive and stay healthy. As many people focus on the monetary aspects of the business and making the right breeding and marketing decisions, it is sometimes easy to forget that general health is the key to making all of that possible. BioZyme®’s natural feed additive, Amaferm® is a prebiotic designed to enhance digestibility by amplifying the nutrient supply for maximum performance. It is research-proven to increase intake, digestion and absorption.

Digest More®, a pelleted version of Amaferm, has been incredibly effective in promoting health, improving digestive efficiency and keeping litter numbers high. Digest More can be used in all species to increase performance, and its use in sow diets is certainly no exception. Using Digest More in sow diets year round provides many benefits, however most noticeable results are seen by incorporating Digest More into sow diets at least three weeks before farrowing begins, and through lactation. This will allow sows to enter the farrowing house with no stalling and allow them to get back on feed and milk heavier, more quickly.

BioZyme prides itself in providing products that enhance the lives of livestock and allow them to live and perform with a higher level of health and performance.  If you have any questions about incorporating Digest More into your operation, please reach out to your Area Sales Manager or contact the BioZyme Nutritionist Team at 816-344-5762.

This chart highlights the amount of Digest More that should be added to the diet depending on the stage of production.
This chart highlights the amount of Digest More that should be added to the diet depending on the stage of production.

Farrowing is a stressful time on gilts and newborns. Providing a daily source of Amaferm, through a product like Digest More, can ensure that appetite, health and performance levels are maintained. However, the more stress the more Amaferm is needed. This is where Vita Charge® comes into play as a treatment product during times of elevated stress. Whether you decide to use Vita Charge Gel or Vita Charge Liquid Boost the additional Amaferm, vitamins and minerals found in Vita Charge can ensure that your sows and newborns recover more quickly from high levels of stress.

Keep your sows healthy

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