Make Strides with Sure Champ® Joint Juice

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a show animal prospect dialed in, and just days before the show, your animal comes up lame. Many judges evaluate livestock from the ground up or on the move. While keeping them looking their best is important, keeping them moving comfortably should be a priority too. That’s why Sure Champ®, makers of livestock supplements known to promote digestive and overall health, is excited to introduce its newest product, Sure Champ Joint Juice

Joint Juice is a safe and effective, liquid hyaluronan supplement for promotion of joint and soft tissue health and mobility. Hyaluronan is a found in all of a mammal’s tissues. Our MHB3® Hyaluronan is patented and proven with 7 U.S. patents. It initiates healing, retains moisture, lubricates and absorbs shock in joints. With age and trauma, the body’s own hyaluronan or HA breaks down and must be replenished. 

Blaine Rodgers, BioZyme® Inc. Show Livestock Business Development, explains that as livestock grow and put on weight, their synovial fluid that lubricates the joints in their cartilage begins to degrade in quality. That breakdown is what ultimately causes inflammation and arthritis that leads to swollen hocks and snapping and or clicking in the animal’s pasterns. 

“Hyaluronic Acid is naturally found in the body, and as we keep the synovial fluid level up in their joints it really helps in terms of that gliding motion between their cartilage and their joints and minimizes friction. It is scientifically proven that Hyaluronic Acid makes a tremendous impact on joint health,” Rodgers said. 

Joint Juice is a 100% all-natural supplement designed for daily oral consumption. It can be drenched or top dressed on feed. It is formulated for all species. Since it is all natural, there are no drug interactions or contraindications. Its active ingredient MBH3® Hyaluronan is included at 200 mg/ounce, higher than other joint supplements on the market.  

“One of the things about joint health, if an animal has caused trauma to the joints, it is hard to get them back to where they need to be. If we start using Joint Juice when the animals are at a little younger age, I think you will find this will help keep their joints in better shape from early on, using every day and being proactive rather than being reactive later on,” Rodgers said. 

He used this year as an example, where it has been hard to manage livestock for an endpoint, only to have the show we were feeding for and focusing on changed to a different date or replaced entirely by a different show. Using Joint Juice every day provides an insurance policy to help your animals stay structurally ready. 

“It was important to us to expand our product line to provide our show livestock customers well-rounded products to cover all their needs for all species. Joint Juice helps diversify the Sure Champ line while offering a cost-effective joint supplement to our customers without sacrificing the levels of Hyaluronan needed to make their animals comfortable,” Rodgers said.  

Sure Champ Joint Juice comes in two sizes – gallon and half-gallon jugs. Cattle have a feeding rate of 1 ounce per day, while the lambs, goats and hogs have a feeding rate of 0.5 ounce/day. 

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