Make the Most of Winter Break

Make the Most of Winter Break

You passed finals! Time to kick back, relax and enjoy your family and friends over winter break, right? Of course, we suggest making the most of time with loved ones and time spent in the barn, but winter break is a long stretch of time. Why not fit in a few projects that will give you a leg up on your peers when you return to school.

There is no time like now to begin thinking about the future. Scholarship deadlines will be quickly approaching and internship applications need to be submitted. Are you thinking about whether or not you’ll be running for a junior board this summer or maybe graduation is creeping up and it is time to think about life at college? By putting your action plan into motion now, you’ll be ahead of the pack when opportunities strike.

1. Internships

Spend some time this winter break looking at what is available for summer internships. Most application deadlines will happen in the next couple of months. If there is a company that you have been eager to work with but isn’t offering an internship don’t be afraid to contact their office about other ways you might be able to work with them. A simple networking lunch with a sales rep or a job shadow day could turn into more.

2. Clean up social media

While you’re lounging around, take the time to clean up your social media accounts. Permanently delete any photos that you would not want your grandma to see and erase any information that could shine a negative light on you when employers type your first and last name into Google. And remember, nothing is truly private. A screenshot can be captured of that tweet or Snapchat you sent faster than you can take it down.

3. Give your resume a makeover

Your resume is equally as important as that diploma you are working towards. It will represent you and will be your first impression with employers. Spend some time organizing and executing the “who, what, where, why, when,” of each job and internship you have had over the last few years and then, when you return to school, show it to your teachers or professors for feedback.

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