Mark That Card – Angus Bred Heifers

Thank you, Oklahoma State Livestock Judging Team, for the officials and reasons.

Placing: 1-3-2-4
Cuts: 4-3-5

1324 is how I like the Angus bred heifers. Not only is 1 neat and feminine upfront but she expands into the kind of boldness and natural dimension that I’m after in Angus cattle.  Females that match her kind of stoutness with such good angles and real foot size are always the kind of power cows that prove themselves. Now actually 3 hooks up stronger behind her shoulder and reads with as much body as any. But in motion, the plainer chested heifer gets tighter in her spine and deviates in her loin. Plus, she doesn’t read with the same substance bone or pin width of my winner.

Now in the middle where the cattle have more tradeoffs, the fact that 3 is enough bolder and more expansive from her forerib back gives her the edge. Brood cow fundamentals and fleshing ability marks it 3 over 2. Still, I understand none of the cattle are as refined upfront and neat chested as 2. But of the initial trio of females who pattern up with more quality, she gives up the most stoutness and mass. The shallower flanked heifer doesn’t appear as advanced in gestation. 

Regardless she still represents quality, her silhouette and more attractive hip and hind leg keeps it 2 over 4 on bottom. Now 4 is deeper flanked and she represents a functional replacement. Yet I’m not convinced the straighter-shouldered heifer that’s out of balance from the side is geared to make the next generation with quite the same eye appeal. 

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