Mark That Card – Angus Bred Heifers

Thank you, Oklahoma State Livestock Judging team, for the officials and reasons.

Placing: 3-4-1-2
Cuts: 3-5-4

3-4-1-2 is my rank of the Angus bred heifers. 3 has the right kind of maternal look and she hit me the hardest. Not only is the smooth shouldered heifer the most attractive up front and boldest and deepest in her heart, but she’s also the big good footed heifer is far more attractive in the set of her hip and hind leg. No doubt, the long necked 4’s extra stoutness makes her look like the brood cow of the group. The heifer that’s the boldest in her upper rib shape is the biggest hipped and the thickest made. I just wish the deeper chested, rounder shouldered heifer was more comfortable in her hock and pastern, plus she forfeits the look of my winner.

But, 4’s issues are not nearly as important when compared to 1 in the middle because she is easily the stouter one who is bolder ribbed and bigger hipped. Now, not many guys would complain about a heifer like 1, because she’s good uttered, moderate framed and her body type reads like an easy doing cow. Comparatively though, she’s the plainer, narrower pinned heifer who doesn’t have the muscle to play with the cattle up top.

Regardless, that won’t affect her ability to be a cow and on bottom, the longer, leveler hipped heifer is more maternal in her rib and flank so I will give her the edge over 2. No question 2 is long necked and heavy boned. But that doesn’t compensate for the round hipped heifer being the shallowest bodied and narrowest pinned, she struck me as the highest maintenance brood cow.

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