Mark That Card: Breeding Does Class Results


breeding doe judging class header imageBreeding Does Official Results
Provided by, Brant Poe, Texas A&M University
1-3-2-4   Cuts: 2-5-2

I like the breeding does 1324. There’s definitely an elite pair of powerful brood doe prospects, but I personally lean towards the extra look and extension of the painted doe to win. This big footed, flat shouldered female is neater chested and longer necked. Plus the longer bodied doe’s attractive hip and hind leg completes her high caliber profile. Now, I like the body dimension and broody build of the doe in 2nd, and she’s by far the stoutest of the 4. But with that, I’d like to elevate and extend the shorter bodied doe up front.

From here, I still see tremendous generating potential in the higher quality doe’s much bigger base, body shape, and bone work. Sure, the deep sided 2 gives a maternal look, but the longer, weaker pasterned doe’s not as bold in her upper rib shape and plains to her pins.

Still, I go back to her more maternal build to sort a competitive final pair. The higher volumed, bigger statured doe comes out of a wider chest into a bigger body cavity, all while holding an advantage in performance. I appreciate the elegant, feminine fronted 4’s extra extension, but the greenest conditioned, lowest performing female gets edged out in regards to body dimension, so I like her a close 4th.


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