Mark That Card: Breeding Ewe Class Results

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Breeding Ewes Official Results
Provided by, Ben Williams, Hutchinson Community College
1-3-4-2   Cuts: 2-2-5

My ranking of the wether dams is 1342. I initially find a challenging, yet incredibly high quality trio of sheep with unique production strengths. Ultimately, I land on the overwhelming presence and look of 1 to win. The sheep who is the most alert in her head carriage, ties her neck highest into the topside of her shoulder, from there back, the ultra-level, square made ewe is the most attractive in her hip and hind leg assembly. Finally, she blends all of this with a correct body shape, and more than enough muscle. Now, I can see where some may tie to the extra flank, and boldness of rib in the more powerful 3 ewe, and label her as a contender to win. Honestly though, its little things that keep her a competitive second. Like my class winner, she too is a bit frail at the ground, but more critically, the lower headed sheep gets a bit short bodied with a touch of set to her hock.

Regardless, a pair of deep flanked, power sheep end up in the middle, but the more feminine, fresher appearing 3 ewe compliments this by being tighter hided, thinner necked and flatter shouldered. Now, there’s no doubt 4 is the most modern in her build by being the heaviest structured and potentially the widest pinned. The down side, however, is seen up front. Not only is the thick hided, short necked sheep a bit bold in her shoulder, but picture quality forces her to read a bit plain.

Nevertheless, it’s obvious that brood ewe potential, power and substance logically sorts 4 over 2 in the bottom. Sure, 2 is the most youthful appearing and is cleaner at the base of her chest. Unfortunately though in a class of this caliber, she appears to be the flattest bodied, narrowest pinned sheep that simply gets out powered and performed.


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