Mark That Card: Breeding Heifer Results

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Breeding Heifer Official Results
Provided by, Coach John DeClerck, Texas Tech University

1-4-2-3 Cuts: 3-3-5

I ranked the breeding heifers 1423. I think the top is close since both heifers have plenty of mass and quality, but for the long haul I like 1’s look. The refine, teated heifer is not only more appropriate in her maturity pattern, but she’s high tying and reads more feminine in her neck shape, while her uniformity of depth completes her symmetry and striking look. That’s not to say it was easy, my winner is upright in her shoulder and pretty far forward in her knee. Which is why I almost gave the nod to 4. The moderate heifer views with the most power from behind, and is even more suitable in her angle up front, but she’d have to be cleaner jointed to truly gain the upper hand at the lead. The earlier maturing female tends to run downhill and needs to be longer and smoother in her muscle pattern.

Even so, drastic differences set up a thought provoking middle pair, that could go either way. I’ll play it safe and use 4’s power over 2. It doesn’t take long to identify the black heifer as stouter and more open up in her skeletal foundation, enabling her to work more mass throughout. Not to mention she still portrays a quality presence from the profile. On the other hand, I’m a big fan of 2’s look and build. The red heifer is the most feminine up front, and the way her muscle lays onto her frame work undoubtedly exemplifies maternal. All the while she’s cleaner jointed and more flexible at the go. But I’m worried I’m getting high on a frail jawed female, who doesn’t have a brood cow look. The flatter made heifer, needs more substance at the ground, and is clearly at a mass deficit.

Nevertheless, quality dictates a 2-3 mark on bottom. The painted up heifer is cleaner fronted and throws her neck higher up front, and from their back the bigger rib female is constructed more ascetically pleasing in her tail head. Conversely, the black heifer studies with more genuine dimension from behind, which is especially impressive considering she’s the greenest made option. But in a class of such quality, it’s hard to overlook her shortcomings. The course naval heifer is out in her shoulder and the most difficult fleshing. It doesn’t help matters that she’s the small foot heifer who the least maternal. Thank you


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