Mark That Card: Brown Swiss 2 Year Old Cow Results

Thank you to the Korth Family for providing the class and to Mary Mackinson Faber, Mackinson Dairy Farm for providing the official placings and reasons. To view more livestock judging classes click here.

Placing: 1-4-2-3
Cuts: 2-5-2

I place this class of Brown Swiss 2 yr olds 1-4-2-3.

A handy winner for me, 1 has an advantage in udder. She is snugger in the fore udder attachment and higher in her rear udder attachment.  She also has more bloom to her rear udder. Furthermore she is deeper throughout having more depth of fore and rear rib.  I also prefer her depth of heel over 4.  4 is extremely long from end to end.

4 places over 2 in a logical placing using her length and stretch. She is longer from end to end and exhibits more angularity and clean cut ness down over her topline and especially over her hooks and pins. She is also longer from hooks to pins and is more pleasing over that tail head.  She also shows more length to her fore udder. I grant 2 has more depth of heel and has more depth of fore rib.

Finally in a closer placing 2 gets the nod over 3 because of her dairyness and angularity throughout. She is much cleaner over her top and out over her rump being less patchy over the hooks and pins.  Still further she blends smoother in her fore udder attachment showing less congestion and is higher in her rear udder attachment. I do prefer 3’s length of body and is longer in her neck but lacks the overall angularity throughout and style out over her rump to place higher today in this exceptional class of Brown Swiss 2 year olds which I placed 1-4-2-3.

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