Mark That Card – Ewe Lambs

Placing: 3-4-1-2
Cuts: 4-2-

I like the ewe lambs 3412. There’s an awfully good one to win in 3, and I think it all starts with her skeletal build. She’s so stout structured and correct on her feet and legs, her spine is perfectly level, and she puts together all of the fundamentals of a good brood ewe while having the extra bells and whistles needed to make competitive show sheep. I love that she’s elevated in her chest floor and runs uphill while coming back perfectly round bodied and extra stout and dimensional in terms of her pin width from behind. Now when it comes to 4, I’m a big fan of her power. She’s bold bodied and arguably the most dimensional from behind. However, in comparison to 3 she’s just not as unique in her design. She’s lower tying in terms of her neck and shorter coupled from the profile.

Now the middle is where it gets close. However today, there’s just a shot more natural dimension and power in 4. She’s bolder in the shape of her fore rib and center body, she’s bigger and squarer loined, while being wider constructed at the base of her skeleton. 1 still has plenty of value and I like a lot of things about her in terms of her youthful look and build. She’s feminine and attractive up front and actually reads more correct in terms of the angle to her shoulder. However, when you study her from directly behind, I would just like to open up her rib cage and make her stouter pinned, while strengthening her in her loin ever so slightly.

But in the bottom pair she’s easily the higher quality option that just comes more intangilbles of look and balance from the side. 2 is certainly a broody appearing ewe with some body shape and power. But unfortunately it comes at the cost of her build. She’s the open shouldered, roundest constructed ewe that is just the plainest to look at and the most upright in terms of her shoulder, so she’s fourth.  

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