Mark That Card: Ewe Lambs

Thank you Connors State College Livestock Judging Team, Warner OK for providing placings and officials for this class.

Placing: 4312
Cuts: 353

I like the wether dams 4312

It’s exciting to see the blend of power and pattern that comes with 4 she’s so unique in the front third of his skeleton yet draws back progressive in her lines and it’s not everyday ewes that stout come with such an athletic sculpt to their hip and hind leg, these are the kind of intangibles that should label her an elite stud ewe. Now there’s still a powered up female in second and 3 has the bold body shape that facilitates so much power. Get on the side though and she’s a bit mature in her look I’d like to tuck her chest up and square her up out of her dock.

Get past this and that brood ewe look is hard to ignore in the middle and I like how the wide chested ewe is pulled apart in her center skeleton this only fuels her topside power and the wide made female comes super stout in her pins. Now I’ll understand that 1 ewe in third is no slouch in terms of length and extension she may hook up the best through the front third of her skeleton. She honestly just gets a bit out massed and needs to read with more substance to Make a play.

It’s in the bottom pair though that I like her style and 1 ties that elegant neck into a short smooth shoulder and has the smooth, uphill look to her pattern from the side. Now there’s still lots of value in good bodied ewes that are plenty functional. But when the sets this good you can get picky on the common 2 ewe she plains up in her look and here’s the narrow pinned least powerful ewe she’s fourth.

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