Mark That Card: Gelbvieh Bulls Judging Class

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Below is additional information to help you in placing the class. Scroll to the bottom for the official class results.

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Gelbvieh Bulls Official Results
Provided by, Brandon Callis, Redlands Community College
3-2-4-1   Cuts: 3-5-3

I place the class of Gelbvieh bulls 3241. Finding a top pair of higher quality bulls; 3’s added muscle and masculinity make him my pick to win. He’s the bigger bodied, more rugged bull who offers more shape and dimension. The high milk bull also reads functional in the angles to his joints. Now, 2 is the extended, nice profiling bull but when compared to my winner, he doesn’t offer as much body and shape; so he is second.

Even so, in a more logical middle pair, it is skeletal differences that keep 2 over 4. He appears to be the bigger footed, stouter featured bull whose functional skeletal base will be better utilized by him and his offspring throughout production. I realize that 4 might provide more muscle shape and expression, however he is the frailer boned bull that is coarser about his shoulder.

Still though, there is a clear performance in 4 over 1. Here is the longer bodied more extended bull who appears to have more growth. Yes, 1 is the more efficient bull, evident by his deeper softer body and his EPI, but unfortunately here is the smaller framed, shorter sided bull that offers less growth so he is fourth.

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  1. To have the EPD’s be pertinent, you need a scenario. i.e., the ranch you are buying these bulls for sells calves at weaning, or raises registered bulls the sell as long yearlings, etc. etc.

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