Mark That Card: Heifer Class Results

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Heifers Official Results
Provided by, Brad Bennett, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2-3-1-4   Cuts: 4-2-6

I like the Shorthorn Plus heifers 2-3-1-4. Quality certainly runs deep in this set, but it’s not hard to latch onto the brood cow look in the roan heifer to win. She’s by far the boldest ribbed, most maternal heifer in class whose freshness and quality make her stand out while still reading the most correct in her build and hip and hind leg assembly. Now, if you’re after extra length and extension, the leveler topped red heifer is intriguing. But, she’s surprisingly thicker necked, rolls her hip and drops her pins in motion and just needs an extra shot of body.

Even so, I think the youngest heifer will get that with time and I’ll side with her extra power in a middle pair that could go either way. She’s set wider at her pins and is stouter in her bone work. Now, from the side, the super feminine white heifer is tough to look past. She’s the longest, thinnest necked one and is certainly a contender. I just pick a few more holes in the narrow constructed, frail boned heifer. She gets weak in her topline with too much set to her hock, so she’s third.

Still in the bottom, I’ll always side with her freshness and condition, especially for heifers at this stage. No doubt, 4’s as big bodied and practical as you can make, but her problems are easy to pinpoint. The shallow heeled, stale heifer is just too coarse and plain in her build.


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