Mark That Card: Market Goats

Thank you to for providing this class and to Brandon Callis, Redlands Community College Livestock Judging Coach, for providing the official placings and reasons. To view more livestock judging classes click here.

Placing: 4-2-3-1
Cuts: 3-2-6

I placed the tough class of market goats 4-2-3-1. Finding a top trio of wethers that go beyond the market basics of muscle and appropriate finish, 4 simply offers the most intriguing look and presence from the side. He’s the cleanest chested most elevated wether who opens the most impressive at his chest and continues this progression of width through his hip and pins. He also looks to be the most useful in his skeletal design. I keep the other attractive blonde headed wether in second. He just gives up a touch more width than preferred.

It’s a close, close middle pair with trade offs in market strengths. 2 not only views to be leaner, but he has the advantage from the side. He is tucked up neater up front and portrays more balance from the side. 3 rivals him by offering more width and muscle volume. But when viewed up top and from the side, I start to question his composition, being deeper chested and having less indentation behind his shoulder.

Still he dominates the bottom pair. He’s simply the much stouter wether that offers a more meat animal build. Once again in a practical world, 1 is leaner and possibly higher cutability, but he is obviously out powered in this class.




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