Mark That Card: Simmental Heifers

Thank you to LC Promotions and Bichler Simmentals for providing this class. and to Jeremy Burkett, Casper College Livestock Judging Coach, for providing the official placings and reasons. To view more livestock judging classes click here.

Placing: 1-2-3-4
Cuts: 3-6-3

I like the Simmental heifers 1234. I will always buy into attractive females that combine it with the brood cow basics. To me the hip branded 1 female fits the bill, personally I find it unique for this continental breed to produce a female so refined and feminine about their head and neck shape and correct in their joint work, yet bring the added stoutness and power the breed is known for. There is no questioning the stoutness and power of the female in second, and I actually prefer the heifer who is bolder in her forerib particularly for her longer leveler hip design. Her demise lies in the fact that she’s not as good looking. That’s the shorter, thicker necked heifer who could benefit from being more refined and attractive up front. That is just a comparative discussion, and I am confident there is more longevity built into the heifer who is more relaxed in her shoulder. The fact she is more correct from hock to ground leads me to trust her to have a longer, more productive breeding future. I’ve already highlighted the females who are more correct in their angles and joint work. From there I’ll transfer to a bottom pair of more common heifers who are both bolder in there shoulder and have structure problems that won’t let them contend for the top spot. Of the two, I find more maternal value in the broodier more practical body type of the deeper bodied dark red heifer who is more attractive in her udder structure to stay third. For what it’s worth, the blaze faced heifer that follows is fresher in her body condition. Past this the brown tinged, straight shouldered heifer is the poorest balanced and tightest flanked. The steep hipped heifer is fourth. Thank You.

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