Mark That Card: Simmental Heifers

Thank you Butler Community College Livestock Judging Team in El Dorado, Kansas for providing placings and officials for this class.

Placing: 4-2-1-3
Cuts: 3-4-3


I like the Simmental heifers 4-2-1-3. In a set of purebreds that all offer some real good, it’s the bald faced 4 heifer that instantly stood out. She’s got all the fundamentals to make a great cow and does it with the extra look and quality to separate herself. Compared to 2, she’s especially the longer fronted and more up headed heifer that reads extremely smooth and attractive from the side. Plus, she’s more laid back in the angle to her shoulder with the extra length of cannon and potential for growth in her favor. That’s not to say that 2 isn’t another awesome female. The blaze faced heifer is incredibly good bodied, and squarer hipped and stouter than the heifer that leads off. Yet, she just didn’t hit me as hard from the start- in part because she’s just a bit shorter coupled.

Nevertheless, 2 sorts past 1 in an easier middle pair. This time around, her moderation paired with the upper hand in fleshing ability and depth of flank present her as the substantially lower input kind. In contrast, the star headed 1 heifer has the advantage in length, extension and is awfully stout boned. But, her added growth paired with a greener body type just doesn’t read as practical today.

But think about her potential future and she sorts past 3 down low. With time to body down, she’s got the kind of feminine head shape, more correct shoulder angle and smoother tying muscle pattern that’ll give her the advantage as a bred. There’s no doubt, the only solid black heifer is tremendously bold and stout. And I’m impressed that for as much power as she has she’s still so correct in her rear leg. But with all that stoutness, she’s just not feminine or smooth in her kind. The heifer that reads a touch upright in her shoulder stays fourth.

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