Mark That Card: Simmental Heifers

Placing: 3-4-1-2
Cuts: 3-2-4

I like the Simmental Heifers 3412. One look from the side and 3’s got the most intriguing pieces to tie to. Not only is she overwhelming in terms of body, volume and power, but to be so massive, it’s awfully unique she remains so fresh and attractive up front, with all the added foot and bone to make her the outlier amongst her contemporaries. However, it’s when set into motion that 4 starts to gain some ground. She reads a bit more correct in her angles and her extra flex and reach off her rear two only amplifies her maternal look I like. Unfortunately, she just doesn’t feature the same extras from the side and needs a shot more stoutness and power to make a play to win.

However, in a challenging middle pair, 4’s look of maternal function and structural build just better suits my kind of cattle. The heifer who is stronger in her loin is so athletic out of her front skeleton while setting down on the more attractive hip and hind leg set, with extra flexibility to her rear pastern. She couples this with an extremely maternal look about her head and neck and extra boldness of rib. Now down the road, I’d toy with switching the pair in favor of 1. The other blaze faced heifer is fresh and feminine up front, good in terms of balance from the profile and I think she lends the advantage in terms of extra bone and foot size. But for me, it’s when the cattle are set into motion that I sort her to third. The heifer who wants to drop her head is more upright in the angle to her shoulder and she gets pinched in her loin.

Yet, her balance and look of quality is too hard to pass up on the bottom. I like her freshness, stoutness of feature and more dynamic look to slide over 2. Now don’t rule out 2 as a contender. While she’s green today, here’s a soft structured, good built female who’s best days lie ahead. Unfortunately in a set of cattle of this caliber, she sorts out as the plainest fronted, hardest bodied female who doesn’t piece together as well from the side, so she’s fourth.

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