Mark That Card: Simmental Heifers

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Simmental Heifers Official Results
Provided by, Blake Bloomberg, Oklahoma State University

1-2-4-3  Cuts: 4-4-7

I like the Simmental Heifers 1-2-4-3. It’s hard not to tie into the combination of look and cow power I find in the 1 female to win.

Not only is she long necked and attractive, but here’s one that puts it together with class leading advantages in body, width and power. Even more impressive is that the bigger footed heifer combines this power while still being plenty flexible and sound at the ground. Now, if I were tying into one from the side, I certainly wouldn’t look past 2. The more feminine heifer is ultra attractive and soft in her rib. Honestly, it’s just in comparison where the frailer featured heifer gives up the body and dimension of my impressive pick to win.

Yet, there is no denying her more elite look between the pair of brown tinged females in the middle. She’s the cleaner fronted, smoother shouldered heifer whose look of balance is only aided by the greater sweep to her rib and depth to her body. By no means is the heifer I left in third bad cattle. She’s one that has plenty of utility and is as flexible at the ground as any. Unfortunately, the shallower flanked heifer is just a bit too coarse and plain to play on top.

But, they have to be cows first and there’s no question her body and flexibility will make her the lower input, more useful cow on bottom. Sure, 3 is ultra long and extended, but what value does this hold when she lacks the brood cow basics of body and structure? The shortest striding, shallowest bodied heifers kind wouldn’t be what I want to replicate in my cow herd.

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