Mark That Card: Yearling Brahman Heifer Results

Yearling Brahman Heifers judging class header

Yearling Brahman Heifers Official Results
Provided by, Chris Mullinix, Kansas State University

First, I’d like to thank Sure Champ for giving K-State the opportunity to evaluate this class of Brahman heifers. Also, special thanks to the V8 Ranch for supplying great pictures of an exceptional set of females. The top three heifers are pretty close, but I think this class can really help novice judges adjust their eye to looking at great Brahman cattle. If I have one suggestion to those who have never evaluated “eared” cattle – please don’t concentrate your evaluation on the things that make Brahman’s different! It’s easy to get consumed by the hump, ear and extra skin consequently losing sight of the traits that always have value in breeding cattle. Just like anything else you would judge – structural correctness, body volume, femininity, balance and muscle are still important traits and evaluated exactly the same way. Enjoy this class and don’t make Brahman’s difficult just because they look a little different! Good luck!

Placing: 1-3-2-4 with cuts of 2-2-5

1324 is my ranking of the Brahman Heifer Calves. In an exceptional top trio, it’s the dark pigmented heifer that embodies the blend of brood cow function, quality and correctness of structure I’m after. Compared to 3, the bigger bodied female’s got the obvious edge in growth. Plus, she’s the big, sound footed heifer in class that reads more attractive in the build of her hind leg with more flex to her pastern. Now, from the profile, 3’s the truly elegant fronted female that lays in smoother to her shoulder, remains stronger behind her hump and draws back leveler to her hip. Unfortunately, she’s a bit off in the set to her hind leg, rigid in her pastern and, in the big picture of things, gives up quite a bit of body to those placed on either side of her.

But in a contrasting middle, her elite female quality and future is just too much to pass up. The neater fronted, fresher conditioned option reads more correct in the slope of her shoulder while being cleaner about her dewlap and brisket. On the other hand, the red heifer’s extra body and performance could sure justify a switch. But the plainer fronted, coarser jointed female is pushed forward in her hump placement – perhaps a product of being a bit straight shouldered.

Nonetheless, the gap in power, brood cow look and performance obviously comes on bottom where 2’s the clear choice. Now, there’s still a lot to like in the more feminine featured 4. In many classes, she’d be top pair material. But today, the frail boned, shallow bodied heifer rounds out of her hip with extra set to her hock and pastern. In this powerful line-up, she’s just outmatched.   Thank you.


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