Gels Offer Quick Relief to Stressed Show Livestock

Spring and summer livestock shows are about to be in full-swing. It doesn’t matter which species you show or how good of a nutrition and health protocol you follow, you are bound to have an animal go off feed and water or get sick traveling to and from these shows. That’s why BioZyme® Inc., has developed two quick-action gels for you to keep on hand, as you travel to jackpots, junior nationals, county and state fairs.

Vita Charge® Gel provides a jump start to the digestive system to protect livestock during stress. This gel is formulated to help livestock recover quickly through all stages of production, and therefore works great to combat the stressors associated with showing. The key ingredient in Vita Charge Gel is Amaferm®, a natural prebiotic designed to maximize the nutritional value of feed. It is research-proven to combat stress by supporting the animal’s own immune system, significantly increasing intake and nutrient utilization.

Trey Miller, at TKM Livestock in Amanda, Ohio, said at their lamb operation they are firm believers in the Vita Charge products. He will typically administer 5-10 mL of Vita Charge Gel to lambs they have just purchased or just sold that are going to new homes to get them eating and started on the right foot nutritionally.

Regardless of the species, it is wise to administer Vita Charge Gel to new animals that you are introducing to your barn. The stress of transportation, leaving familiar surroundings and starting a new routine in a different environment is enough to make any animal uncomfortable and perhaps go off feed and water. The Vita Charge Gel administered for a few days should help stimulate the animals’ appetite and keep them on track to eat and drink.

Another time of stress for show animals that is a good time to use Vita Charge Gel is prior to and while attending a show. Giving the gel a few days before traveling and while at the show, will help keep the digestive system in check.

“We use the Vita Charge on our cattle the day before we leave for a show, the entire time we are at the show and the day we get home,” said Mitch Rohr, Elbert, Colo. “It keeps our cattle drinking when we travel, and they just consume their feed and water better when we are on the show road.”

Another quick-recovery gel that you will want to keep handy is Vita Charge Climate Control Gel. Climate Control helps all show livestock handle heat stress by lowering the animal’s body temperature in a safe, fast and natural way. This gel contains Amaferm, which is also research-proven to help lower the animal’s body temperature. It also provides Capsaicin to help maintain circulation to support animal performance in heat stress situations and includes garlic, to deter insects.

Rohr recalled using Climate Control for the first time last spring at show. He said the weather had been fickle, and two weekends earlier it had been 10 degrees out with blizzard-like conditions. But the weekend of their show, the temps were in the 90s, and his son had a steer that got overheated and fell apart.

“Our steer just got hot. He fell apart, and we thought he was going to die on us,” Rohr recalls. “We doubled up on the Climate Control, and within two hours he was back with us – drinking water, getting hydrated, feeling better.”

That steer that nearly died, went on to win Reserve Champion Market Steer honors at the county fair. And Rohr and his teenage kids are both thankful for the results of Climate Control.

Charlie Bennett, Durand, Ill., had a similar experience with his twin sons’ market hogs at the county fair last summer. Because he knew the limitations that the fair put on exhibitors, he started using the product in advance.

“I started using Climate Control daily for the week leading up to our fair. Our four pigs were used to having 4-6 fans on them at home, but our fair doesn’t allow any fans. Our pigs were way cooler than other pigs in the barn. Their mouths weren’t open from panting, they felt physically cooler, and they were overall more comfortable in their pens while not requiring as much extra rinsing,” Bennett said. “The big difference was on show day, when it was about 90 degrees out. Our pigs looked fresher, drove longer and didn’t wear down while in the ring, and that is good for the exhibitors too when they don’t have to fight their hogs.”

Livestock exhibitors want the best for their animals. Sometimes that is keeping them eating and drinking and sometimes that is keeping them cool. BioZyme has products for all exhibitors – cattle, lambs, hogs and goats – that will keep your animals eating and cool.

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