What Our Customers are Saying

Charlie Bennett, Rock County, WI
“I started using Sure Champ® Climate Control daily for the week leading up to our fair. Our four pigs were used to having 4-6 fans on them at home, but ...Read More
Carl & Grace Jacobson
"We started using Sure Champ® in our rations about three years ago, and since then our pigs don't get fed unless Sure Champ is in the bucket, PERIOD! We love ...Read More
Payton Rodgers | California
Living in California we have to travel a long way to most of the shows my sister and I show at. Maintaining appetite and hydration becomes more challenging the longer ...Read More
Morgan Miller | Texas
When formulating rations we rely on Sure Champ® to keep our pigs’ appetite levels up and their stress levels down. We start the pigs off with Vita Charge® paste and ...Read More
Clay Kincaid | Indiana
"When feeding my pigs it is a must to always use Vita Charge Liquid Boost. It increases and maintains appetite and consumption from the day you bring pigs into the ...Read More
Blake Logan | Indiana
"We rely on Vita Charge paste in our feeding program for a once a week boost in appetite. As we get down to go time, and at the show it ...Read More
Bradey Newhouse | Indiana
“We feed the meal version of Sure Champ® Pig from the time our pigs get to our barn until show day. We believe it increases appetite and helps improve feed ...Read More
Shown by Devin McBryde | Texas
We have tried several of the products, Vita Charge paste, Sure Champ pellets and Vita Charge Liquid Boost. We thought each one served a purpose at some point in our ...Read More
Kyle Knauth, Knauth Showpigs | Illinois
"When I first heard about Liquid Boost, I knew I had to try it since we had great success with Sure Champ and Vita Charge. Using Liquid Boost in times ...Read More
Grady Family | Texas
 “We have used Sure Champ for the last couple of years and have had a tremendous amount of success keeping pigs on feed and we attribute this to Sure Champ. It’s ...Read More
The Page Family | Georiga
“Vita Charge® and Sure Champ® have become an important part of our show routine. They are a vital part of keeping our hogs on feed while we are away at ...Read More
Lyrik Loyd | Texas
"Sure Champ® Pig Pellets really make a difference in one that doesn't have much of an appetite. Within two weeks I was doubling weight gains and was able to keep ...Read More
Stu & Josh Dildine, LHR Livestock | Texas
"Sometimes things come along in the livestock show business that just work. That's the way we feel about Sure Champ® and Vita Charge®. They definitely increased appetite in both our ...Read More
Ashlei Mason | Texas
"Vita Charge® has been an essential product in our show pig feeding program since it was first introduced. We all know that when you are traveling to a show or ...Read More
Michael L. Peiffer, Ag Ed Instructor/FFA Advisor | Iowa
"I had eight kids showing pigs and cattle out at my barn this past year because they live in town. One requirement is they feed Sure Champ®. I had a ...Read More
Lyndon Youngblood & Tyler Davis | Arkansas
"Out of all the feed and additives in our feed room, the one constant that every animal gets is Sure Champ®! Our sales rep, Alan Lee introduced us to Sure ...Read More
Doug Albright, Albright Swine Farm | Michigan
"No other supplement has done more for us than Sure Champ®. The pigs on it eat better at the show than we have ever seen before. Sure Champ® has become ...Read More
Kevin Wendt, Wendt Livestock | Ohio
"With the number of gilts we have on feed every summer, Sure Champ® was a great product to include in our every day rations. We immediately noticed that they were ...Read More
Justin Lacy, Ag Science Teacher/FFA Advisor | Texas
"Sure Champ® is a key component in every individualized ration our show pigs are fed. There's no other product on the market that keeps pigs on feed during times of ...Read More
Nathan Day | Indiana
"I’m not one to fall for supplements as I think most of them are junk, but I can say with absolute confidence that Sure Champ® and Vita Charge® are the ...Read More
Jay McCormick | Texas
“When I advise customers on feeding I very rarely ever try supplements or additives, but after trying Sure Champ® I am very impressed! I have never fed a product that ...Read More
Kyle Stephens | Texas
“Sure Champ® is one of the few feed additives that does what it claims to do."
Clay Kincaid | Indiana
“I started using Sure Champ® at Expo this year. Since then I have been using it my show pigs have more bloom and have increased their appetite. I went to Springfield's ...Read More
Mike McCoy and Kelly Kimley | Ohio
“While many were struggling to get their show barrows to consume, our hogs on Sure Champ® never missed a beat. We have never seen a product work as quickly and ...Read More
Cody Hayes | Kinder, LA
“Sure Champ® and Vita Charge® have been unbelievable in regards to the way they have worked to keep the pigs on feed during and after hauling. Sure Champ® has also ...Read More
Luke McDonnell | Indiana
“Sure Champ® Pig has been a great addition for our team. We have seen an increase in consumption at critical times this year. When it has been extremely hot our ...Read More
Adam Crouch Family | Indiana
“Since adding Sure Champ® to our hogs’ diet they have stayed on track with the continual up and down weather this spring and summer. Sure Champ® has helped our hogs ...Read More
Taylor Walker | Texas
"My family has noticed a stimulated appetite and increased consumption in our barrows since the use of Sure Champ®. It is reducing stress in our barn by helping maintain health ...Read More
Ben Bobell, Bobell Farms | Illinois
"Our first experience feeding VitaFerm® Sure Champ® products was with a group of boars and gilts, including Hillbilly Cadillac, for the Southwest Type Conference. We immediately saw increased appetite, and ...Read More