Getting Started with Show Pigs

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Step 1: Selecting Your Pig


Picking the Perfect Show Pig Prospect

There is something very exciting about picking out your next set of show animals. If you’re looking for just the right show pig prospects for the World Pork Expo or CPS Summer Type Conference, you’ve probably already had your fair…

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Step 2: Equipping your New Project

Moms Know Best

Everything you should know about feeding, show supplies, at the home, and at the show for beginners.

Show Mom Perspective: How to Equip your Show Pig Project

Showing livestock becomes more competitive each year. And parents, beware. The necessary equipment and supplies probably seem a little different than when you showed. For excited pig showmen, the list might seem daunting for such a small animal, but we talked to seasoned stock show mom, Riley Ann Price, Snyder, Texas, and she broke her list into four basic categories. She and her husband Tyson farm cotton over a four-county area in Texas, and with daughters Tyleigh and Tatum-Bec 10-years-apart in age, they realized they’d be showing pigs for a long while. They decided early on “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right the first time.”

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Step 3: Daily Care

Keep these tips in mind EVERY. DAY. as you #preptowin


healthy pig

How to Ensure a Healthy Pig by Summer Shows 

Healthy Pig Springtime across much of the U.S. is exciting for show pig exhibitors. It marks the pursuit of the next great one. You’ll be visiting breeders, staying up late to see if you "win the bid" during online sales…

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Tips for Commingling Show Pig Prospects

Nothing is more exciting for young livestock exhibitors than getting new show prospects into the barn. For many youths with winter shows, it won’t be long until it will be time to start picking out and bringing home new show…

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Tips to Successfully Break your Show Pigs

It’s no secret that once you get your new show prospects home your young exhibitors are anxious to get to the barn, get acquainted and get them show broke. However, with anything worth doing, there is a process that needs…

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How to Get Show Pigs Started on Feed

Getting a new set of show pigs into your barn and on feed is a lot like running a daycare. Those young pigs are coming from various homes or points of origin with various germs and sniffles. They are also…

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Step 4: Show Day Prep Tips


5 Tips for Keeping Your Animals Hydrated

Water is the most essential nutrient of life. Humans, animals and plants all rely on the water for survival, due to its molecular makeup. Water is vital for bodily functions like nutrient intake, absorption and feed conversion, overall health, waste…

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Show Pig Skin Care Light vs. Dark

Skin and hair is only one part of being sure your animal looks maxed out and one hundred percent on show day. At the same time, it is one of the most important factors when it comes time to “look like…

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How Do Your Use Your Show Pig Whip?

There is no doubt that showmanship can make or break your success in the show ring. One of the main principles of showing well is how and where to use your whip on your show pig. It is important that you…

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