Mark That Card: Crossbred Bred Gilts Results

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Place these bred females as they are to function in a total confinement setting in North Central Iowa. The primary focus is to retain the top end of the females to substitute for an older set of sows. The firms goal is to keep soundness and build in mind.

Crossbred Bred Gilts Official Results
Provided by, Miles Toenyes, Western Illinois University

Cuts: 3-4-2

My placing of the Bred Females is 2-4-1-3

Initially, there’s a pair of females that hit me with the skeleton and build the firms seeking, but still have the bulk and feature to generate a sound yet powerful set of replacements.

Of the particular pair I read 2 as the balanced, complete female. To me, her bone and foot match her length of body and frame size more appropriately, while still having a current presence from the side. All allowing me to call her the most proportional.

Now, don’t get me wrong, if 4 breeds true to what she has to offer, she will have the ability to keep them stout, elevated up front, and as good in their hind leg as they come. However, today, being critical, I just read her as a heavy bred that’s still a little tight flanked and not quite as massive as my class winner.

Even with that being stated, in my middle pair, structure alone sorts them. She’s so much better in the way her angles set in her compared to 1.  Not only that, but she’s still that much stouter in her hind leg and forearm.

Yes, I realize 1 holds class advantages as she opens up as wide behind her blade and from there back to the upper part of her hip as any within the class. She’s genuine and bold through her mid body. However, my biggest concern with her is as I study each end of her framework, she reads too steep in her shoulder and tight in her hock, then from up high to the ground she has to stay more consistent in her width and feature to balance.

Still, as I judge them today, it’s the extra mass and bulk 1 has relative to 3 in the bottom pair that keeps her in 3rd. Now, I have to be honest, I’m a firm believer there’s nothing wrong with the kind that the 4th place gilt represents in this particular drive. Especially, as we talk about making them tall shouldered and extended, but in relationship to her contemporaries she’s the flattest ribbed, tightest bodied female in this setting, that’s the most one dimensional as they come and go.

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