Mark That Card: Bred Sows

Thank you Goss Livestock in Leedey, OK, for providing the placings and officials and Kyndal Reitzenstein for the photos.

Placing 1-3-4-2

Cuts: 2-2-4

I like the crossbred gilts 1342. If 1’s flawless skeleton and build doesn’t get you fired up, then I’m sure her extra power and dimension most certainly will. You study that one coming at you and she is easily the most genuine and opened up in her framework, what’s most impressive is how she carries her extra bulk while never missing a beat down low. Now that’s absolutely nothing taken away from the calico gilt in 2nd because that one is futuristic about her skull and neck and draws back so square and true to her tail. Here is where a collection of little things come into play, and she gets narrower out of her pin set and frailer in her bone work.

Even so its her extension ahead of her blade and lethal look from the side that keeps her over 4 in the middle. Plus, she is bolder and stouter in her forearm and chest when coming at you. Now honestly it’s not everyday you have to leave a gilt as good as 4 in 3rd. The off belt is so athletic and opened up in her skeleton. Unfortunately, when put into the mix, the shorter hipped gilt just doesn’t carry the extras in terms of look or design, she’s 3rd.

I’ll put these differences aside, because in the bottom I actually think she has the advantage in terms of skeleton and build, the leveler spine gilt draws out of the backside of her blade with more true bulk and dimension, setting down truer from pins to hock to surface. There is no question that the chrome 2 sets the class standard for body shape, being ultra maternal in her look, it is just unfortunate that she pairs that with such a plain and basic look from the side. The frail, steep hipped gilt needs to go 4th. Thank you. 

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