Mark That Card: Crossbred Gilts

I like the Crossbred Gilts 2413 with cuts at 4-2-2.

I’m quick to tie into 2’s elite combination of stoutness of feature and look of maternal function. Here’s the stout skulled, opened up female who reads the densest in her body design, and it is truly impressive she highlights her added power by still being the most basic in her build as the tall shouldered, square hipped female is extremely flexible on the drive. She’s the one I’d most want to breed around. Now don’t get me wrong I love the design and feminine look of the other blue hipped 4 gilt. She looks like a lady up front, is really soft centered, and goes with as much comfort as any. But unfortunately, her added refinement comes at a cost. She just can’t match the added stoutness as my impressive class winner. As the narrower chested female is flatter about her body shape and sets down frailer at the surface.

But even so I’m just more drawn to her advantages of build and structure in the middle as the female who is more laid back in her blade is hinged looser out of her hip allowing her to cross the ring with more squareness and athleticism. Now I can appreciate things about 1. She no doubt offers advantages of length and extension and she does work more shape from blade to hip. It’s just as she comes and goes that I have to leave her a competitive 3rd. The straighter fronted female gets flatter in terms of rib shape and needs to be looser in how she handles her hip and hind leg.

With that being said I still think the up headed female has more pieces to breed off of on bottom. From the side she’s the better-balanced female who is good in her lines and reads to be more pliable through her center body while still being stouter out of her hip. Now that’s not to say the belted gilt doesn’t have breeding value because there’s lots to like about the stout skulled gilts added look up front I do think she is very functional in her build. It’s just in a class of this caliber she becomes the narrowest made gilt who is the tightest in her forerib and the poorest balanced from the profile, so I like her 4th.

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