Mark That Card: Duroc Gilts

Thank you Luke Ziegler with National Swine Registry for providing placings and officials for this class.

Placing: 4-2-3-1
Cuts: 3-6-2

I like the Duroc gilts 4231. I’m high on the breeding value of both gilts up top. I like to build them from the ground up, so 4’s more durable bone and foot give her the nod. I’ve got her over 2 to begin.

I’m extremely impressed 4’s so stout and flexible in her hind leg while still remaining so correct in the set to her pasterns. But it’s driving profile where she further separates herself as the ultra-feminine high headed female is so tall bladed yet still correct in the curvature to her forearm and knee. It doesn’t hurt that she’s cranked high at the base of her tail and holds the edge for pin width.

Now she’s not the biggest chested and that’s where I prefer the 2 gilt, because driving at me this bold bladed big forearmed gilt comes back out of her sternum with the most curvature to her forerib and center body. I love her maternal image from the side and soft pliable ribcage, but the more I break her down she’s a bit smaller in her foot size and needs to be picked up in her pasterns; so I left a good one 2nd.

But it’s still an easy 2/3 mark in the middle as here lies the largest gap in quality. A better-balanced look and attractive, functional build are all I need to mention.

When shown by herself the dark red 3 gilt can give some impressive looks, she’s bold and broody in her ribcage and is no slouch for power. I really appreciate that her added flesh should help her recycle sooner post-weaning. But next to an elite top pair she’s too flat-footed, plain fronted and round out of her hip. She’s just not in the same league I’ve got her as a distant 3rd.

Still, I prefer a 3/1 mark in a closer bottom decision where she just has the upper hand in skeletal width and rib shape. From profile, I appreciate that she hooks up stronger behind her blade and stays more consistent down her spine. Sure 1’s more feminine headed, taller bladed and fresher in her condition, but I’m out on the flattest bodied gilt who’s stale over her chine and off behind it. I’ll leave the light red gilt 4th. Thanks for your time.

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