Mark That Card: Hampshire Boar Results

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Hampshire Boars Official Results
Provided by, Brice Mind, Blinn College

4-2-1-3  Cuts: 4-2-5

I like the Hampshire boars 4213. There’s a boar up top who has the right kind of build with a unique look and mass to work on a multitude of sow bases. To be more specific, the stout featured, wide constructed boar feeds out of his sternum into a bold rib which is why he’s so massive up high and it’s the same story from behind. What’s more impressive is that he’s also a square built functional boar who no doubt should generate a great return on showpigs and land sons in studs across the country.  I’ll agree 2 is big centered and powerful, but as I compare him back to the winner he becomes a rounder hipped hog who lacks his extreme pieces so he’s 2nd. 

That’s what makes the middle close but realizing every sustainable operation needs to keep back top end females I’ll side with his more practical pieces over 1. Not only is he just built wider and squarer from the ground up but he clearly has an advantage in the lower part of his center cavity. Additionally, he’s more laid back in the angle to his shoulder allowing his spine to hook up more correct to the back side of his blade. Ultimately, I see his daughters selling well as breds and being functional generators who are built for the long term. There’s no question the tall shouldered boar has the feature and look up front that we see in hogs winning shows at every level. But honestly, 1 gets a bit straight up front, closes up at the base of his rib and I’d like to see him drive more secure off his hind leg so I felt more comfortable leaving him 3rd. 

Even with that said, I’m confident the bottom goes 1/3. I just see the stout boned, heavy muscled boars extra look working in a greater number of females. Now there is power and mass to be found in the wide belted 3. But at the same time, it needs to be put on a more comfortable skeleton. He’s the straightest off either end of his frame work restricting his range of motion. He’s fourth.  

Original Scenario
Rank these Hampshire boars as they will be mated to gilts and sows in a confinement operation in the Midwest. This producer’s main goal is to make and sell quality show pigs for 4-H and FFA members. Some top end males will be kept as AI sires to sell semen to other producers.


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