Mark That Card – Simmental Heifers

Thank you Ashley Judge of Baty Livestock for providing placings and officials for this class.

Placing: 3-2-4-1
Cuts: 2-2-3

I like the Simmental Influenced Heifer Calves 3241. In a group where the quality runs this deep, it is the tremendous rib and unique look of the baldy heifer that sets her to the top of my card.

Not only does this female combine a huge, sweeping rib, with an ultra-feminine, refined front end, but pull her to the lead and she doesn’t disappoint. The square hipped, white bellied heifer is equipped with the depth of heel and flexibility to her hock that make her built for being competitive, long past her calf days. Don’t get me wrong, I think there are just as many unique pieces to be found in the 2 female. It is hard to make ones with her length, extension and substance at the ground, still have the maternal look to her rib and softness to her joints that she possess. And honestly, it is just personal preference that slides her second. Comparatively, she isn’t as level hipped and bold sprung as my class winner.

Even so, between a pair of heifers in the middle, whose better days are both ahead of them, 2 puts more positive pieces together. The longer necked, smoother shouldered heifer is built with the softness to her rib cage and athleticism off both ends that would make me excited to watch her show career. I’ll be honest though, the one who may have as much potential as any as a bred, is the female I leave in third. The brown tinged heifer is huge footed, square built and as sleek about her head and neck as they come. Unfortunately, the greener conditioned heifer needs more time to really compete. Today, she’s shallower and flatter ribbed, plus she could be a shot smoother at the base of her shoulder.

But at the end of the day, she’s still the more performance-oriented heifer on bottom. Not only is she bigger boned and stouter hipped, but she just has more to her. The soft haired 1 heifer isn’t one I throw away. This one reads to be younger and green, yet she is still ultra-attractive from her shoulder forward and comfortable at the ground. Sadly, I have to judge them as they are today, and she gives up far too much in terms of mass, dimension and performance.

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