Mark that Card: Wether Dams

Thank you Tim Hubbard and Northern Oklahoma College Livestock Judging Team for providing placings and officials for this class.

Placing: 2-4-3-1
Cuts: 5-2-4

My placing of the breeding ewes is 2431. One look was all it took to recognize the unmatched quality of the stout featured 2 ewe to start. The roundest bodied, widest constructed ewe is able to bring forth that unique look of balance and underline quality that’s hard to create.

But as high as I am on my winner there are pieces in the 4 ewe that would be fun to breed around. The ewe that is the best in her hamp feature brings the added shape and athletic body type that wether buyers demand. Yet, upfront the ewe thats off in her neck attachment cant match the balance of my winner.

Yet, in a close middle I tie to the added power of the ewe thats simply more opened up. There is a clear difference in shape and expression in the bigger hipped sheep that offers more turn in her fore rib. Now, off the profile its easy to like 3. She’s easily the longest necked, tallest shouldered sheep that’s awesome in her top line balance and hind leg set. I just feel more comfortable keeping the flatter ribbed, narrower made ewe third.

Still it’s simply basic build that makes the bottom routine. The ewe thats leveler and looser in her spine is distinctly better in the angle of her shoulder allowing the higher headed sheep to give me a higher quality look from the side.

Sure the 1 sheep is loaded with power and dimension. I just cant find myself tying into the straight hocked, tight spine ewe that needs to redesigned structurally.


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