Sure Champ® Ration Builder Offers Versatility

In the cattle industry, there are a lot of variables. Producers and show cattle exhibitors get great choices of genetics to select from, environments to live in and feed companies to purchase from. However, when it comes to your cattle’s nutrition, one thing remains constant. Every person should desire the highest quality nutrition including a balanced vitamin and mineral package at the best value.  

Sure Champ® Ration Builder is the ideal component for producers looking to make a complete feed to meet their production goals or for show cattle enthusiasts wanting to develop the ideal ration. Sure Champ Ration Builder is a pelleted base mix for cattle with 32% protein along with vitamins and minerals for diet fortification. It also contains the prebiotic AO-Biotic® Amaferm®. It can be mixed into show feed, creep feed or finishing rations.  

Sure Champ Ration Builder is an ideal way to get Amaferm into your animals’ system while utilizing your hometown feed mill,” said Chris Cassady, Ph.D., BioZyme® Inc. Beef Technical Sales Manager. “The commodities that your local feed mill offer will be fairly similar in quality, and they can add Ration Builder in at a low inclusion rate to turn your ration into a higher-quality, higher protein feed with the digestibility benefits Amaferm offers.” 

Since the Sure Champ Ration Builder contains Amaferm, a prebiotic research-proven to enhance digestibility, it will help producers get the most value out of the feedstuffs they give their animals. Combine that with the chelated zinc, copper and manganese, and you create a highly fortified cattle feed using your own or locally sourced commodities, according to Cassady. 

The inclusion rate of Sure Champ Ration Builder is 250 to 400 pounds per ton of grain and forage, depending on the stage of life your cattle are in. With the protein profile that Ration Builder offers, you have ample opportunity to adjust accordingly. You can use it in your show cattle early on to promote gain and feed it as cattle reach their endpoint. 

“Today’s show cattle market is as competitive as ever, and consequently, the margin for error is razor thin. Prepping to win starts at home, and it’s more than working hair and clipping. The number one factor associated with winning is proper nutrition and health. If your animals are comprised of elite genetics, then it just makes sense to provide them with the highest quality nutrition,” Cassady said. 

Sure Champ Ration Builder is your opportunity to #PreptoWin. Ration Builder offers a complete vitamin and mineral package, and the digestibility benefits offered by Amaferm support optimal animal performance during all stages of life. To learn more about Sure Champ Ration Builder or to find a dealer near you, visit