When to Feed Spark® vs Extreme

You’ve spent hours upon hours in the barn working on your show livestock projects. You’ve got skin conditioned, hair worked, the animals trained to walk, drive or lead and you’re ready to show them. There’s just one problem. They haven’t found their way to the feed pan, and they just aren’t performing like they should. Perhaps, they need a supplement to boost their digestive health, and jump start feed and water intake.

Sure Champ® offers a line of supplements that promotes both digestive health and appetite that are designed for beef cattle, sheep, goats and hogs. Blaine Rodgers, Show Livestock Business Development & Field Support offers some insight on two of the most popular Sure Champ products available.

Sure Champ Spark® and Sure Champ Extreme with Climate Control are both great supplements designed for all show species to keep their digestive health on point. And, with the exception of the Climate Control component found in Sure Champ Extreme, the two products are basically identical,” Rodgers said.

Both Sure Champ Spark and Sure Champ Extreme are designed to promote a good healthy digestive system, which leads to happy, high-performing animals. They both contain Amaferm®, is a prebiotic designed to enhance digestibility by amplifying the nutrient supply for maximum performance. It is research-proven to increase intake, digestion and absorption. Both supplements also contain MOS, to trap and expel pathogens, limiting their ability to do harm, and biotin and zinc to promote healthy skin, hair and hooves. Both Spark and Extreme should be fed daily and can be top-dressed or mixed into the ration.

The only difference between these products is that Sure Champ Extreme contains an additional ingredient to help reduce stress during extreme temperatures. The Sure Champ Extreme contains plant extracts that will help regulate the animal’s body temperature. It also contains garlic, to deter insects.

“There is no reason to feed both products at the same time. As soon as you feel like there is no need for the heat stress component found in Sure Champ Extreme, you can switch to Sure Champ Spark and it won’t change anything at all,” Rodgers said.

Since the ingredients and feeding rates are the same, making the transition from summer to fall or spring to summer should be smooth. Rodgers does remind product users to make sure the temperatures are consistent throughout the day and night before making the change though.

Now that your animals are looking their best, eating their best and feeling their best, you’re ready to take them to their next show. #Preptowin all year long with one of these supplements to keep their digestive system feeling good.

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