How and When to Incorporate the Vita Charge Stress Tub

by Blaine Rodgers, Area Sales Manager

The Vita Charge® Stress Tub is one of the most innovative and popular products at BioZyme®. The effectiveness and diversity of the orange tub makes it suitable for many situations. While the popularity stems largely from its unique formulation and high quality ingredients, the tub’s mode of consumption also contributes to its success. The potent combination of Amaferm® and MOS helps support the animal’s ability to recover from the effects of stress. Amaferm is a natural prebiotic that increases digestibility to maximize the energy value of feed. It is research-proven to combat stress by supporting the animal’s own immune system and significantly increasing intake and nutrient utilization. MOS traps and flushes bad bacteria limiting their ability to do harm. The inclusion of organic chelated trace minerals, vitamins and B vitamins increases immune response, digestive function and overall health.

Additionally, research has shown that the licking process used to consume the tub’s contents drastically stimulates the amount of saliva produced. Saliva is nature’s remedy to buffer the acids produced in the calf’s rumen. Saliva contains compounds like phosphates and bicarbonates that effectively neutralize acids that will make the animal go off feed and get sick. When cattle are eating or licking, they increase saliva production two to four times over the levels produced when they are resting, resulting in increased appetite.

The diversity of the Vita Charge Stress Tub has led to its wide spread use and application. The ability for one product to be used in several scenarios and stages at one operation makes it a convenient product to keep on hand, especially with its ability to maintain the overall health and recovery of cattle during stress without a VFD. Here are some common ways the stress tubs can be used:

Creep phase

Placing tubs in creep areas while calves are on the cow will not only benefit them nutritionally, but will help familiarize the calves with the tubs which can lead to a less traumatic weaning process long term.

Weaning Phase

The ability for a bawling calf to lick a tub for a brief period of time has proven extremely valuable. Receiving a nutritionally condensed supplement with the added benefits of Amaferm and MOS provides an excellent opportunity to help reduce the stress of weaning by helping calves recover faster through increased feed and water consumption.

Sale and Show Preparation

Placing tubs in runs with cattle will increase overall digestive health and appetite as well as help limit acidosis from aggressive feed programs that help increase the needed bloom essential to be sale or show ready.

How Should You Use?

In all situations the Vita Charge Stress Tub is suitable to help animals through a period of stress. It should be noted though, that the Vita Charge Stress Tub is not a complete mineral. An additional VitaFerm® loose mineral or Sure Champ® should be fed in conjunction with the Stress Tub to ensure mineral and vitamin needs are met.

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