Sure Champ® Joint Juice Will Give the Judge Something Good to Talk About

First in a Series: BioZyme Products Help You #PreptoWin

Have you heard the judge say your steer is coarse-jointed, or that your ewe needs to take a longer stride? How many times have you heard the judge say your barrow has swollen joints, or your doe needs to be freer moving? As you know, you can prepare your show animals all you want, but structural soundness and movement are key priorities among all species, both for breeding and market animals. 

Many judges evaluate livestock from the ground up or on the move. While keeping them looking their best is important, keeping them moving comfortably should be a priority too. Even the best showman cannot hide their animal’s flaws when they’re in motion. Therefore, Sure Champ®, makers of livestock supplements known to promote digestive and overall health, created Sure Champ Joint Juice.  

Joint Juice is carefully crafted to naturally support, promote and enhance joint and soft tissue health. This joint product is powered by MHB3® Hyaluronan, the most highly researched and proven hyaluronic acid available. Hyaluronan is found in all mammal tissues. Our MHB3 Hyaluronan is patented and proven with eight U.S. patents. It lubricates joints and may naturally restore synovial fluid to alleviate joint discomfort. It may aid in soft tissue health. With age and trauma, the body’s own hyaluronan, or HA breaks down and must be replenished.  

As livestock grow and put on weight, the synovial fluid that lubricates the joints in their cartilage begins to degrade in quality. That breakdown is what ultimately causes inflammation and arthritis that leads to swollen hocks and snapping or clicking in the animal’s pasterns.  

“It is vital to keep the synovial fluid level up in their joints to keep that gliding motion between their cartilage and their joints and to minimize the friction. It is scientifically proven that hyaluronic acid makes a tremendous impact on joint health,” said Chris Cassady, Ph.D., BioZyme Beef Technical Sales Manager. 

Joint Juice is a supplement designed for daily oral consumption. It can be drenched or top-dressed on feed, and it is formulated for all species. Its active ingredient MBH3 Hyaluronan is included at 200 mg/ounce, higher than other joint supplements on the market.   

“Not only is the HA at a more concentrated level, but Joint Juice is also one of the most economically priced supplements on the market that makes it affordable for your animal to receive the full benefits of MHB3 Hyaluronan every day,” Cassady said. 

Since recovery after joint trauma is challenging, Cassady suggests using Joint Juice from an early age. He encourages proactive thinking versus reactive feeding when it comes to keeping animals sound and feeling their best. 

Sure Champ Joint Juice is available in two convenient sizes – gallon and half-gallon jugs. Cattle have a feeding rate of 1 ounce per day, while lambs, goats and hogs have a feeding rate of 0.5 ounces/day. 

Next time you lead or drive an animal into the ring, give the judge something good to talk about. You know that the judge is evaluating your stock from the ground up, so make sure they are taking a long, easy stride on their smooth joints. It’s easy to #PreptoWin with a product like Sure Champ Joint Juice.