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Below are blog posts about Sure Champ Products that apply to FFA Chapters

Advocacy Starts with Sharing your Story
To create advocates in agriculture, we must first be advocates in our industry. Perhaps the best way to create the next generation of spokespeople is to share our story of what we do every day within our own families and
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Sales Competition Teaches Real World Skills
Junior Nationals are a great time to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. It’s also a time to showcase the cattle you’ve been working on all spring. And for some young people, it is an opportunity to refine and build new
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5 Tips for Public Speaking
Public speaking. Just the very words can make some tremble to their core. For many, speaking in front of their peers or a small group of strangers is a huge fear that may be very challenging to overcome. However, when
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Educational Contests Help Youth #PreptoWin in Life
We say Junior Nationals, and you could come back with a variety of responses. “Best week of the year.” “Family vacation.” “Where I make new friends and reconnect with old friends each year.” “The show I want to win someday.”
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5 Tips for Picture Perfect Photo Contest Entry
By Sarah Tisdel  Photography contests are a great way to not only have fun, but to improve your skills as an aspiring photographer. Best of all? You don't need the most expensive camera to win. Check out some tips you can
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7 Interview Tips that Will Land you the Position
So, you’ve scored an interview for that internship or job you had your eye on…and now the NERVES set in. But don’t fret! An interview is your chance to show the employer who you truly are and how you can
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3 Steps to Prepare to Attend a Livestock Sale
There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as an auctioneer’s chant climbing as bids are coming in. When he pounds his gavel and says, “sold” one lucky buyer wins the bid and the next animal is already being auctioned. Auctions are fast-paced
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Create the Perfect Cover Letter in 6 Steps
You’ve searched for a job or an internship. You’ve done the research on the position; you’ve crafted the perfect resume. Now what?  Then next step in any job or internship process is to create a cover letter to send to
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4 Tips to Successfully Breaking your Show Goat
We’re not kidding around when we say the competition in the goat show ring has really heated up over the years. Young exhibitors from coast to coast have taken to Boer goats, and their popularity has grown significantly.   The young
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Summer Opportunities
Summertime means warm sunny days, late nights in the barn preparing for summer shows and for many, no school. Yet even if you aren’t in the classroom every day, there are still chances to learn and grow as individuals. Summer
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How to Develop a Feed Mix with Ration Builder
Cattle producers have a plethora of choices when it comes to buying feeds for their show and sale cattle or even finding the right creep feed for growing their calves. Many like to utilize their home-raised or locally-sourced commodities and
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Extremely Essential Products To Focus On Right Out Of The Gate
If you show livestock, you understand the frustration you feel when your animal goes off feed. Sure Champ® is proud to offer a product line that seeks to alleviate some of your frustration and keep animals on track; because if
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Gels Offer Quick Relief to Stressed Show Livestock
Spring and summer livestock shows are about to be in full-swing. It doesn’t matter which species you show or how good of a nutrition and health protocol you follow, you are bound to have an animal go off feed and
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How to Feed the Sure Champ® Product Line for Winning Results
We’ve made some great enhancements and additions to the Sure Champ® product line already. And with the changes and improvements to the Sure Champ® line of livestock supplements, we want our feeders and exhibitors to feed with confidence and get
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New Product Helps to Build Your Own Complete Cattle Show Feed
Cattle exhibitors have trusted the Sure Champ® line of supplements for years to add vitamins, minerals and Amaferm® to their show ration. Now, cattle breeders and exhibitors have another way to incorporate Sure Champ into their feeding program by using
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Increase Digestive Health and Nutrient Absorption with Spark®
Chances are, you’ve heard someone say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” And that is sound advice. However, if you can enhance a product you already use and increase its effectiveness that creates a win for everyone. Show feed
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Using Vita Charge Liquid Boost During Times of Transition
The life of a show pig isn’t always an easy one. Although producers and exhibitors go to great lengths to care for their animals, pigs go through a lot of transitions in their short life, and with each change, stress
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