How to Feed the Sure Champ® Product Line for Winning Results

We’ve made some great enhancements and additions to the Sure Champ® product line already. And with the changes and improvements to the Sure Champ® line of livestock supplements, we want our feeders and exhibitors to feed with confidence and get the most benefit from using these products. All Sure Champ products contain Amaferm®, is a prebiotic designed to enhance digestibility by amplifying the nutrient supply for maximum performance. It is research-proven to increase intake, digestion and absorption.

Recently, Blaine Rodgers, Show Livestock Business Development and Field Support, answered some questions on how to get the most benefit when feeding the various Sure Champ products.

Q: With various Sure Champ products for my beef projects, how do I know when to feed Sure Champ Cattle?

With cattle projects, there are two key times to feed Sure Champ Cattle. First, if you are not feeding a fully-fortified complete feed, but rather mixing commodities with a base ration that does not include vitamin and minerals. Then, be sure to add Sure Champ Cattle.

Second, if you are feeding a ration that contains a highly-fortified vitamin and mineral package but are not feeding the recommended amount for whatever reason, you need Sure Champ Cattle. For instance, most complete feed rations are formulated so livestock will receive the proper amount of nutrients if fed at the suggested feeding rate. If you cut out a few pounds of the complete feed, and add in fill like cotton seed hulls, you are also cutting out some of the nutrients, and should supplement with Sure Champ Cattle.

Q: So, if I’m feeding my cattle a fully-fortified complete show feed, how do they get the Amaferm advantage if they don’t need Sure Champ Cattle?

For those cattle exhibitors who feed the full amount of a complete feed with a fully-fortified vitamin and mineral package, we have developed Sure Champ Spark®. Spark doesn’t contain the vitamins and minerals, so it can be fed across all species. However, in addition to the Amaferm, Spark also includes MOS to trap bad bacteria, limiting their ability to do harm to digestive health and intake. The MOS provides one more step to further improve gut health and appetite stimulation. Spark also contains biotin and zinc, both important for skin, hoof and hair care.

If you are a cattle exhibitor, you need either Spark OR Sure Champ Cattle. You don’t need to feed both unless you simply wish to double the amount of Amaferm in their diet.

Q: Where is Sure Champ for Pigs, Sheep & Goats? What am I supposed to feed these species to keep their gut healthy and keep them eating?

Sure Champ Spark is formulated for all species and will ensure they receive the Amaferm needed to keep their digestive system healthy and appetite stimulated all show season long. Spark also includes MOS to trap bad bacteria, limiting their ability to do harm to digestive health and biotin and zinc, both important for skin, hoof and hair care.  New this year, we’ve repackaged Spark in an easy-to-use and transport 25-pound bucket with an 8 ounce, pre-marked plastic measuring cup to make feeding Spark easier than ever.

Q: What is Sure Champ Extreme with Climate Control? Should I feed it with these other products or is it its own supplement?

Sure Champ Extreme with Climate Control is our newest product designed for use during extreme heat or during any periods where temperature and/or humidity changes drastically. This product will help keep animals eating and drinking while helping them combat the impacts of heat stress. Sure Champ Extreme can be fed across all species. In addition to the Amaferm and MOS to help with gut health and appetite, this product contains garlic, to deter insects. If feeding Sure Champ Cattle, you can add Sure Champ Extreme to the ration to reap the added benefits of reducing the effects heat stress. If feeding Sure Champ Spark, it is recommended you transition to Extreme as the days get warmer and the temperatures are consistently 70 degrees or hotter.

Q: If I am feeding Sure Champ Extreme with Climate Control, do I need to also use the Vita Charge® Climate Control Gel?

Sure Champ Extreme with Climate Control was developed after receiving such positive response to the Vita Charge® Climate Control Gel. By incorporating Sure Champ Extreme into your rations on a daily basis, you should see a reduction in the impacts of heat stress your livestock face on a day-to-day basis. Despite this daily effort, there will still be times that create more stress and when heat and/or humidity become more of a factor during hauling, showing, etc. For these times, it is recommended to use Vita Charge® Climate Control Gel in addition to Sure Champ Extreme to boost your animal’s ability to combat these stressors.

Q: Speaking of gel, what is the difference in Vita Charge® Climate Control and Vita Charge® Gel and how do I use them?

Both gels are designed to deliver near immediate responses and are meant to be used in times of stress. The Vita Charge® Gel is recommended to be used any time an animal experiences stress or as a preventative to stress when energy and appetite are needed. Stressors include weaning, vaccinations, moving to a new barn, traveling to shows or acclimating to a new environment. Vita Charge® Climate Control Gel is designed to do exactly what its name implies. It helps lower and regulate body temperature, naturally. It can be used in conjunction with the Vita Charge Gel or alone.

Q: When should I start feeding Sure Champ products and when do I need to stop feeding them?

Because the Sure Champ line has been built to keep the digestive system healthy and keep animals on feed, it is recommended you begin livestock on the product as early as possible in the feeding phase. The ingredients used in this product line are all-natural and therefore can be fed right up until harvest. Unlike some supplements that focus on muscle shape, hair coat or leanness, and are only recommended a short time prior to the end-point of the product, Sure Champ supplements are designed to keep your animal healthy from the start.

Sure Champ is designed to keep your animals healthy, eating and performing. If they aren’t eating, you aren’t winning. Prep to win with the Sure Champ today.

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