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Sure Champ® Cattle
Climate Control
Vita Charge®
Tatumn Poff
  • Ohio
  • "We use BioZyme products with all of our cattle. On our cows we use Concept Aid, Vitaferm Minerals, Heat as well as the protein tubs. On our show cattle we ...Read More


    Ryan Evans
  • Midland, TX
  • My name is Ryan Evans from Midland, Texas, I was privileged enough to win Back to Back reserve breed champion Polled Hereford at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in ...Read More


    Trey Denny
  • Texas
  • Sure Champ products, Vita Charge products, and VitaFerm was the glue that held my steer together! He never went off of feed as he was hauled for nine months on ...Read More


    Bo Boyd
  • Alabama
  • “We began incorporating Sure Champ as a component of our feeding regimen several years ago and saw a noticeable difference in the overall consistency of appetite and feed consumption. We ...Read More


    Jeff Baldwin, Baldwin Show Cattle
  • TX
  • "We feed Sure Champ Cattle on a daily basis starting when we wean calves and put them on feed. Sure Champ makes that transition easier and keeps them on feed. ...Read More


    Bruce Everhart, Herford breeder
  • IN
  • “We use the Sure Champ® Cattle on our show cattle and our grandsons use the Sure Champ® Pig on their show pigs. Sure Champ really promotes health in our animals. It keeps ...Read More


    Kaitlin Smith,
  • PA
  • "Sure Champ® keeps my show Cattle on feed at home and on the road. And Liquid Boost® keeps them drinking while we’re at the show. I don’t know what I’d ...Read More


    Emma Yochum,
  • NE
  • We run a 10 show circuit from September to November. The Sure Champ® and Vita Charge® line has kept our cattle fresh and looking their best. We highly recommend the ...Read More


    Sydnee Gerken
  • Cashion, OK
  • “At first we were just using Sure Champ® to help my steer on feed while we were getting ready for the National Junior Angus Show. About a month before we ...Read More


    Danny Harker
  • Hope, IN
  • Sure Champ® “We feed VitaFerm® to all the show cattle year-round, but introduce Sure Champ as a top dress about two weeks before the show and keep them on it ...Read More


    Aaron Kerlee
  • CA
  • "For the past three years Sure Champ®has been our go-to supplement. This product adds the benefit of vitamins and minerals needed in show stock as well as giving them an ...Read More


    Madison Peterson
  • TX
  • "We won two bags of Sure Champ Cattle as a door prize at All American a few years back. We fed it to our heifer that year and were truly ...Read More


    Taylor Goering | Salers Jr Board Treasurer
  • McPherson, KS
  • "Our family truly believes in having Vita Charge stress tubs in our pens and while traveling at all times. The tubs mixed with Sure Champ Climate Control has helped keep ...Read More


    Dustin and Jamie Glover
  • OK
  • "We used Sure Champ® Climate Control during the Tulsa State Fair on our son’s prospect steer. The temperatures during that show were warmer than normal. I feel the Climate Control ...Read More


    Cates Farms, Tyler Cates
  • IN
  • "We used Sure Champ® Climate Control paste for the first time at the 2017 National Western Stock Show and had great results. We used it on our two big heifers ...Read More


    Frye Sisters, Clayton Frye
  • CO
  • "Our family used Sure Champ® Climate Control at the 2016 Colorado State Fair and it worked great. The steers going to the show had half the weight shrink we usually ...Read More


    Marty Tanner
  • TX
  • "As a show dad and a veterinarian, I know Sure Champ is a vital part of our feeding program. Rumen health is paramount to combat the stress of showing, hauling and ...Read More


    Lexi Gibson
  • MS
  • "Sure Champ has been an awesome product for our show barn. Not only does it keep our cattle on a consistent diet, but we can see a difference in eliminating stress ...Read More


    Lind Family
  • MN
  • "Sure Champ® and Vita Charge® have been instrumental to our family's success over the past few years. Both products have helped keep cattle on feed constantly while at home and on ...Read More


    Kory Ridnour
  • CO
  • "Sure Champ helps to ensure our show steers are healthy and have a steady appetite! Yes, hard work is part of being successful, but knowing how to feed and what ...Read More


    Rylee Barber_ChOverall_Bull_JNHE
    Rylee Barber
  • TX
  • "Sure Champ has improved our feeding program tenfold. Our entire show string is fed Sure Champ, and most of our cow herd is on Concept•Aid mineral. We have seen a ...Read More


    Kendra Elder
  • TX
  • “My family and I have been using the Sure Champ for several years now. It’s a supplement that we feed year round to all of our show heifers. Using this ...Read More


    Calli West
  • TX
  • “Our family has used Sure Champ for several years now, and it is the one thing we’ve used consistently in our feed room. It keeps my heifers looking fresh, both ...Read More


    austin_grand champion owned angus
    Austin Nowatzke
  • IN
  • We feed Sure Champ because it keeps them eating at home and especially on the show. When cattle are eating well at the show it helps them maintain that full, ...Read More


    Pitchford grand champion red brangus San Antonio
    Gary Pitchford
  • TX
  • We started feeding Sure Champ to help increase the heifers' appetite and their hair coat. All of the VitaFerm products really help balance out their vitamin and mineral requirements to ...Read More


    Mason Walker Reserve Champion Limousin NWSS
    Mason Walker
  • AR
  • “Ever since we discovered VitaFerm back in 2008, we have loved the products. Each one of my champion heifers have been on either Sure Champ, Vita Charge Stress Tubs, Liquid ...Read More


    NWSS Grand Champion Red Angus Paige Van Dyke Sure Champ
    Paige Van Dyke
  • IL
  • “Sure Champ® has been an important part of our feeding program, and has proven itself by keeping cattle on feed and maintaining appetite on a daily basis. We started using ...Read More


    Madison Fischer Sure Champ Customer
    Madison Fischer
  • TX
  • “Sure Champ has always been a huge part of our feeding program. Sure Champ pellets and Vita Charge Stress Tubs have enabled our cattle to stay on feed and keep ...Read More


    Kagney Collins Sure Champ
    Kagney Collins
  • IN
  • “Throughout the year my family will travel to jackpot shows, junior nationals and national shows all over the country. While on the road and at home it is important to ...Read More


    Kay Ellis Reserve Supreme Champion Junior Breeding Heifer – Star of Texas Livestock Show
    Kalli Ellis
  • TX
  • “Sure Champ® is an important part of our livestock’s daily routine. It gives our show string an extra nutritional punch, and allows them to maintain a healthy appetite. Success is ...Read More


    Whitney Walker Grand Champion MaineTainer
    Whitney Walker
  • AR
  • “There is no doubt in my mind that Sure Champ® is one of the most elite supplements for a heifer’s diet, and you can quote me on that. In our ...Read More


    OYE Simmental
    Henrichs Family
  • OK
  • We feed VitaFerm every feeding to our entire show string. We keep stress tubs out for the show heifers and use them during weaning, too. We used Concept-Aid mineral last ...Read More


    Reserve Champion Steer Fort Worth
    Myka and Aubree Blissard
  • TX
  • “At Blissard Cattle Co. we are on the road for long periods of time and the cattle are put through high stress situations. This is why using Vita Charge® Stress ...Read More


    NWSS Grand Champion Steer
    Shilo Schaake
  • KS
  • “Over the years my family has learned there are certain things that have to be done daily to achieve a high level of success in the show ring. One of ...Read More


    Caroline Mayer
  • MN
  • "She's had 400 and some days of Sure Champ and her share of Vita Charge! She's had an amazing year. We love the products and won't go without them!”


    Kennedy Core
  • IA
  • “Our heifer used to be a really picky eater, especially at shows. As soon as we started on Sure Champ® appetite hasn’t been a problem at all! We are very ...Read More


    Colby Lind
  • MN
  • "The Sure Champ product is without a doubt the best feed supplement we have ever used. As far as the Vita Charge paste goes in my opinion it is basically ...Read More


    Clark Champion
    Jeremy Clark
  • AR
  • "VitaFerm and Sure Champ are a crucial part of our program. From the mineral program for donors, to the showstring the "Amaferm Advantage" keeps them eating and gets them to ...Read More


    Kane Aegerter
    Jeff, Darla and Kane Aegerter
  • NE
  • "Sure Champ is a quality product that keeps our cattle on feed whether they are in the show barn or pasture. Since adding Sure Champ to our show ration and ...Read More


    Madison Hudgins
  • OK
  • "We feel confident in Sure Champ® and would not feed a steer without it. It has improved our steer’s appetite and increased muscle development. It helps our steers achieve their ...Read More


    Mallory Bormann | Iowa
    Mallory Bormann
  • IA
  • "All of our show heifers are put on Sure Champ® the day they come off the trailer. My family and I believe it helps our heifers stay fresh, increases eye ...Read More


    Adrianne Trennepohl, Trennepohl Farms
  • IN
  • "At Trennepohl Farms, we have been very fortunate in the showring. Our success has been due to a combination of things including BioZyme® products. All our show cattle are fed ...Read More


    Melissa Grimmel, Grimmel Girls Show Cattle | Maryland
    Melissa Grimmel, Grimmel Girls Show Cattle
  • MD
  • "There’s no doubt Sure Champ® has taken our string to the next level. We begin our calves on it before weaning to give them a head start during that stressful ...Read More


    Gabby Lemenager | Illinois
    Gabby Lemenager
  • IL
  • "We have been using Sure Champ® close to seven years. We have noticed a lot better appetite, better hair quality and most importantly the cattle always want to eat on ...Read More


    Dr. BJ Jones, DVM & Brett, Bailey, Riley and Lauren Jones, Wildcat Cattle Co. | Wisconsin
    Dr. BJ Jones, DVM & Brett, Bailey, Riley and Lauren Jones, Wildcat Cattle Co.
  • WI
  • "This heifer has been on Vita Charge® Dispersible Powder since she was two months old. We have tried and discarded several supplements in the past, but Vita Charge® is one ...Read More


    Doug, Jane & Katy Satree, Doug Satree Angus | Texas
    Doug, Jane & Katy Satree, Doug Satree Angus
  • TX
  • "The stress of another long hot Texas summer is a lot for all cattle to take, but it is even more challenging when trying to keep mature show cattle at ...Read More


    Jeff Sargent, WHR Shorthorn | Texas
    Jeff Sargent, WHR Shorthorn
  • TX
  • "This year, in conjunction with Sure Champ®, we used Vita Charge® Stress Tubs™ during weaning and in preparation for our sale. Our calves had more bloom, stayed healthier and there ...Read More


    Kirbie Day
  • TX
  • "We have been strong believers in VitaFerm® products for the past 10 years. We do a lot of flushing and embryo work in our cowherd and we have definitely seen ...Read More


    John Reasor
  • GA
  • "Sure Champ® was introduced to me in the fall of 2009 at the North American International Livestock Expo and we have fed it since that day. The product BioZyme® has ...Read More


    Braden Henricks
  • OK
  • "It's always nice to have good genetics, but by feeding our cattle Sure Champ® it has helped them reach their full potential. They eat it so well, and you can ...Read More


    David and Stephanie Dickerson, Bar S Ranch
  • KS
  • "We have had everything in our showbarn on Sure Champ® since 2009. We believe whole heartedly in Sure Champ® due to increased appetites, added bloom and healthier calves at home. ...Read More


    Kylee Sigmon
  • AR
  • "We have been feeding Sure Champ to our show stock for three years now. I think that the biggest benefit is that it keeps our cattle from losing their appetite ...Read More


    Kaye Weaber, Meadow Wood Farms
  • KY
  • "We have been involved with conventional show cattle for over 30 years and had great success with our Angus, Limousin and Herefords, when we started feeding and exhibiting Belted Galloways, ...Read More


    Thomas Glascock | Texas
    Thomas Glascock
  • TX
  • "During my 10-year show career, I have never had a heifer go off feed during the feeding period or while at the show when feeding Sure Champ® and Vita Charge®. ...Read More


    Dr. Dan Moser, Moser Family Herefords | Kansas
    Dr. Dan Moser, Moser Family Herefords
  • KS
  • "Show cattle are high-performance animals, and meeting their vitamin, mineral and protein requirements is essential. With Sure Champ® as a top dress, we never worry about that. Our cattle's appetites ...Read More


    Kyle Colyer, Colyer Herefords | Idaho
    Kyle Colyer, Colyer Herefords
  • ID
  • "We feel Sure Champ® is a major contributor to our success and makes our herdsman’s job easier. Cattle maintain an aggressive appetite and seem to gain weight more efficiently. Sure ...Read More


    Paige & Sam Wallace, Wallace Cattle Co. | Missouri
    Paige & Sam Wallace, Wallace Cattle Co.
  • MO
  • "There are a lot of different supplements on the market, but with having some of the best hair and bloom we could ask for, it is easy to see why ...Read More


    Mark Reitzenstein, DVM | Colorado
    Mark Reitzenstein, DVM
  • CO
  • "The addition of Sure Champ®, Vita Charge®, and Concept-Aid™ has given my family the opportunity to maximize the performance of our cattle. These cost-effective products allow us to keep the ...Read More


    Mallorie Phelps | Texas
    Mallorie Phelps
  • TX
  • "The last three years of my junior show career have been my most successful. The addition of Sure Champ® and Vita Charge ®to our feeding program has taken our show ...Read More


    Colby Cummings, No Limit Cattle Co. | Arkansas
    Colby Cummings, No Limit Cattle Co.
  • AR
  • “We've had tremendous success with Sure Champ®. All our cattle in the show barn are on it. First day they enter the barn we give a dose of Vita Charge® and then ...Read More


    Flint Newman | Texas
    Flint Newman
  • TX
  • “Sure Champ® is the secret ingredient that is no longer a secret. All of our steers are on the product, and we have seen a noticeable difference in the appetite ...Read More


    Charlie Boyd II, Boyd Beef Cattle
    Charlie Boyd II, Boyd Beef Cattle
  • WI
  • "We have used VitaFerm® products for more than 25 years, and have had awesome results.  Sure Champ® was a great addition to our show ration, and the results are obvious."


    Cassie Johnson, Solution Genetics | Iowa
    Cassie Johnson, Solution Genetics
  • IA
  • "We have been using the BioZyme products on all of our show and sale cattle since last summer. We actually just used Sure Champ on our show cattle at first ...Read More